Are You A Good Waiter?

I’m not a very good waiter are you?  I’m not talking about being a server in terms of waiting tables.  The kind of waiting I’m referring to is standing in line at Walmart.  Or, being backed up in the turn lane at a light in which the first person takes forever to get rolling when the arrow turns green.

How are you at waiting on God?  Does it ever seem like He’s about a week, month, or years late on coming through?  Here are some things to consider when in a season of waiting:

  • Maybe what I’m waiting for is not best for me after all (and God knows it)
  • Maybe I’m not seeing all that is going on behind the scenes to bring it about.
  • Perhaps God is attempting to work something IN me that more important than what I’m wanting Him to do FOR me (like grow in my character).
  • The delay might be an opportunity for God to reveal His glory in a greater way.
  • I might need to grow in my faith and that takes time to develop.

These are just a few reasons to consider when the thing you are praying for doesn’t seem to be happening.  Joseph waited 20 years (in Genesis) for the dream God gave him to come to pass.  In the meantime, he proved himself through incredibly challenging circumstances.  How are you doing with that?  Do you continue to stay faithful, with a good attitude, outlook and desire to grow?

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Are You A Good Investment?

Posted in Character, Stewardship, Victorious Living by PCraig on February 16, 2012

Don’t all good business people watch their new employees for a while to see how they’re doing new responsibilities?  Even parents are smart to watch their kids to see how they do with a little freedom.  If the house is still standing when you return from a trip to the bank, then you might include a trip to the grocery next time.

If we are smart enough to do this kind of testing, then doesn’t it make sense that God would do the same?  Jesus as much as promised this in Luke 16:10 when He said, “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.”  He went on to say that no one is going to trust you with more responsibility if you can’t handle what you are responsible for now.

Could this be what’s keeping you back from promotion?  Is this why God won’t answer your prayers for more money?  It’s certainly worth taking a look at to be sure you are a good investment from God’s perspective don’t you think?

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One Decision

Posted in Choice, Decisions, Victorious Living by PCraig on February 9, 2012

You could make one decision today that would lead to a totally different life.  Is that really possible?  I believe it is.  One change in diet or exercise can radically change your health.  For example, I quit eating Archway cookies and ice cream at night and dropped my triglycerides by 100 points last year.

One change in spiritual disciplines can release God’s Spirit and power into your life like you have never experienced before.  Simply reading the Bible daily, prayer, meditation on the things of God, or fasting could revolutionize your life.

Making a change in your marriage could lead to greater intimacy.  Instead of focusing on all the wrong your partner does, you could start believing the best in them and praising them for what they do.

One change could make a difference in your finances.  Instead of going to the mall and getting tempted to spend money you don’t really have, you could stay home and read a book about money management.   (I like Dave Ramsey’s stuff)

So, what do you need to stop doing or start doing?  Quit going to the buffet, the mall, or the bar?  Start reading the Bible, attending church more regular, or giving out what you want to get back?

What direction are you headed?  Is the dream getting closer to fulfillment?  Your future isn’t a mystery.  Your future is being determined by the decisions you are making today.

What tough decision are you putting off?  The dream is waiting to be fulfilled.  What are you waiting for?

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Can I Get A Witness?

Posted in Evangelism, Impact, Salvation, Weekend Reflections, witnessing by PCraig on February 2, 2012

You can’t argue with someone who was blind and now they can see.  What can you say to them?  “You’re not really seeing” or “Maybe you only thought you couldn’t see.”  Those don’t really stack up against a person who is currently describing things in detail that they currently view but were unable to see before.

That was the case with a man in the Bible who was healed by Jesus and confronted by religious people (John 9).   This religious group was more interested in whether or not Jesus believed the way they believed than they were about the miracle that had happened.  However, when they tried to get this young man to enter an argument about religion, all he came back with was, “I don’t know whether he’s (Jesus) is good or bad, all I know is once I was blind, but now I can see.”

Some of us are afraid to share our faith because of concern that it will lead to an argument over Scripture and perhaps our own embarrassment.

While it may be possible to argue doctrine, how do you argue with experience?  A witness simply shares what they’ve seen or heard.  They are not appointed to bring judgment, instead they only report what they experienced.

To be a witness for Jesus, all you need to be able to do is report what you’ve seen, heard or experienced.  It’s hard to argue doctrine with someone who stands in front of you declaring, “once I was blind, but now I can see.”

How could you share your experience with Jesus with someone else?   What positive changes has He made in your life that you could share with others?

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