How We Hire Staff

Posted in Choice, Decisions, Staff by PCraig on August 25, 2011

We have recently been engaged in a search for a new Student Ministries Pastor to add to the staff of our church.  Some probably wonder how we go about our hiring process, so I thought I would walk you through it.

Step 1 – Assess the need for a staff person.  Is this a full time position?  Is the need urgent?  What are the qualifications we would be looking for?  Pray like crazy for God’s guidance!!

Step 2 – Get the word out.  This time around we chose to use the Vanderbloemen Group as a Ministry Staff Hiring Firm.  Here’s what they did:

  1. They interviewed me in depth about the church, asking questions about vision, values, structure, philosophy, & strategy that makes up Crossroads to get an excellent view of the church.
  2. They took all that information, along with what we are looking for in this staff position and came up with a profile.
  3. Using all their connections, they began to search the US & Canada) for potential candidates.
  4. After receiving individual resumes, they processed them into categories, did background checks & conducted interviews with those deemed most closely a fit.
  5. Several weeks later they called me and gave me a list of their top 6 candidates (while on my vacation –wife not happy that day, over it now…I think!) to fill this position based upon the chemistry of the church.

Step 3 – Review.  I took the list & prayerfully arranged them in order of preference.  (Ones I thought looked most likely to fit in with our current staff & ministry).

Step 4 – Contact.  I called the top 3 and spoke with them personally and then shared all 6 names and info with our staff & elders.

Step 5 – Leadership Unity.  Both our staff & elders were supportive of bringing the candidate, who seemed to be the best fit, in for a weekend of ministry in the church to “try them out.”

Step 6 – Observation.  During the weekend, we wanted to get to know the candidate better (face to face), so they spent time with me, our church staff, the youth lay staff, church board, & ministry night with the students (so everyone could see them “in action” in a ministry setting).

Step 7 – Feedback.  After that, I did a poll of church staff, church board, youth lay staff and several youth to get a feel for “what did they think?”

Step 8 – Unity/Decision.  Upon receiving all positive feedback, feeling comfortable & positive myself, I extended an offer for the candidate to join our staff.

Hiring staff is kind of like picking out carpet, not everyone will agree with the decision, but you do want the leadership to feel it’s a good choice.  And, like with carpet, over time some will warm up to the color chosen later down the road.

I believe that sums up the process we used to hire our latest staff member.  As you can see, there are quite a few steps and people involved in the process to determine God’s will.  God works through a lot of different ways to reveal His will in choosing people, including casting lots…I’ll save that for another time.

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