The Season of Giving

Posted in Christian Lifestyle, Generosity, Giving, Seasons, Stewardship by PCraig on December 18, 2014

This is the season of giving.  I heard that 30% of all charitable giving occurs in the month of December.  That’s staggering!

It’s also concerning.  Is it really generosity if we only are motivated to give one time out of the year?  What about the rest of the year?

As a follower of Jesus, I am compelled to be generous throughout the year because my Savior is shows generosity every day.

I’m all about being generous at Christmas, because that is a big part of what it is about.  But, as a follower of Jesus, I must model a generous lifestyle throughout the year.  So, let’s be generous this Christmas, and then keep it going on through 2015.  Imagine with me what good could be done if that extra 30% of generosity maintained.

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A Season Of Expectancy

Posted in Attitude, Expectations, holiday, Perspective, Seasons by PCraig on December 5, 2013

I remember being a kid and being so excited about the Christmas season.  It seemed like it took forever between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  My heart was full of expectancy about everything that surrounded the holidays.  I loved the lights, decorations, songs, parties and of course the gifts.  Each year I looked forward to all the potential the season had to offer.

Something happens as we get older.  We become the one to fix the lights when they don’t work.  We have to put up the decorations, plan the parties and pay for the gifts.  All of this can taint the season.  If we’re not careful, we can transform from the expectant child to the Grinch.

This is not only a problem with Christmas; it’s a problem in marriages.  Two people walk down an aisle to go live life in love, only to discover that there are pressures they never planned to experience.  They didn’t anticipate one of them losing their job, or having a special needs child, or finding themselves attracted to someone else at work.  When burdens come, it’s all too common for us to begin dreading the very thing we once anticipated.

My challenge to us all this season is to take joy in this time of year.  The story is about a Savior who left His throne to be born in a manger, live and teach, then die a sacrificial death for our sins.  Be careful what comes out of your mouth.  Instead of dreading the holidays, your marriage, your job, your family, why not expect the best?  Let a spirit of expectancy build in your heart and find it’s way into your mind and mouth.  Changing how you view things can go a long way toward how you experience them.

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Harvest Time

Posted in Personal Growth, Seasons by PCraig on September 16, 2010

Autumn is right around the corner.  I already see the signs of leaves starting to change and the cooler temperatures at night.  For me, autumn is a season of harvest.  I love apple cider, fresh apples, and watching the farmers take in the acres and acres of crops. 

Let me challenge you to make it a season of harvest in your personal life.  How can you do that?  Allow me to offer a few suggestions:

  • Start reading the Bible each day for personal growth
  • Rearrange your finances to end the year strong
  • Prepare a harvest offering to give to God
  • Pick up an inspirational book to read
  • Give back in the schools, shelters, or other community organizations
  • Get involved in a ministry at church

I’m sure you can come up with your own list.  Take some time as autumn is coming and get prepared for a harvest of your own!

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