One Decision Away

Posted in Choice, Decisions, Victorious Living by PCraig on January 27, 2011

So much can change with just one decision.  It can either get better or it can get worse.  In today’s reading of the One Year Bible, Solomon warns about this in regard to having an affair.  He says that you are just one bad decision from giving away something that will cost you more than you know.  We’ve seen from politicians to preachers how it can cost you your family, your career, your money, and your reputation. 

Just like a bad decision can lead down a path of destruction, a good decision can lead up to greater heights.  Here’s a few decisions you could make that could impact your future.  Reading the Bible daily will take you to another level spiritually.  Exercising and watching what you eat will impact your health for the better.  Taking time to pray, talk with God and be silent before Him will increase your peace and tranquility. 

What’s one decision you could make today that would be a step toward greater heights?

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What’s Up?

Posted in Personal Growth, Time, Victorious Living, Vision by PCraig on January 20, 2011

We have many ways of checking in with people, “What’s up?”, “What’s happening?”, or these days “Sup” (for texting).  I’m just wondering what your reply is when asked?  Are you excited to tell them the answer?  Are you doing something so incredible with your life that you can’t wait to share it?  I hope so, because if not, you’re not living a life of purpose. 

As a Christian that believes you were put here on this planet for a divine purpose and destiny, your answer can’t be, “Nothin’ much.” 

No matter who you are married to, where you work, or what challenges you face, there’s a way to birth a dream for an incredible purpose.  Jesus was born in a cave (or stable if you prefer).  But, Oh what a dream that was launched! 

Sure, there are always excuses for not doing something great with your life, but a full devoted follower of Jesus won’t tolerate them.  There’s just not enough time to waste it meandering around. 

What vision do you think God might have for your life?  What great thing have you ever sensed God calling you to do?  Then, go do it.  Take a step today.

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Turn Off The Noise

Posted in Hearing God, Victorious Living, Vision by PCraig on January 13, 2011

This past Sunday I reminded our congregation that God has a vision for your life.  Not just some lives, but all.  No one is here by accident and therefore each of us has a role to fulfill in God’s grand story.  How are you doing with yours?  I need to ask that because it is far too easy for us to get caught up in mindless work, texting, email, web searches and hide from the vision God has for us. 

The constant barrage of information and inputs deliver a perfect distraction from living a life that matters.  By asking yourself if you’re living God’s true vision, it brings you face to face with the truth. 

Only when we allow ourselves to turn off the noise can we hear the voice of God.  The alternative is an hour after you have kept up with the world. you may not have anything to show for it.  Sure, you know that some movie star is splitting with their spouse, but what have you done to change the world? 

There are millions and millions of us busy searching the internet, connecting, responding, and wasting a lot of time.  Here’s an experiment:  turn off the noise for a while and see what happens to your productivity.  Do you find yourself getting more done?  Doing work that really matters?  Living more of your divine destiny?

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Do What’s Best

Posted in Choice, Decisions, Victorious Living by PCraig on January 6, 2011

Here we are one week into the New Year and what is different about you?  What about those thoughts of starting new habits, getting rid of bad habits, or taking new ventures?  Any closer than you were a week ago?  I’m not saying you need to have lost 20 pounds by now, but couldn’t you have lost something?  There are now only 51 weeks to make a change for 2011. 

Isn’t that kind of how it works?  One week goes by without making a change and you think, “Oh, well, there’s always next week, right?”  But, the problem is, that’s a recipe for failure.  The people who change themselves and change the world around them don’t settle for lame excuses and comparisons.  Instead, they set the alarm a little earlier for tomorrow so they can read their Bible like they said they would. 

Sure, it may seem easier to make excuses right now, but champions don’t do what’s easier – they do what’s best.  You were made to be a champion, so start living like it!

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