Introducing Our Children’s Pastor

Posted in Church Structure by PCraig on May 29, 2014

I thought I would use this week’s blog post to allow you to meet our new kid’s pastor at Crossroads.  Last weekend, we brought them up front, introduced and prayed over them as a congregation. We’re excited to have the Miller’s serving with us as we head into an awesome time of summer ministry!

Hi, I’m Heather, the new Children’s Pastor at Crossroads Church!  My husband John and I are so excited to be a part of what God is doing through Crossroads!  We were born and raised in Speedway, Indiana, and I attended Lakeview Church until I was 18 and left for college. Both John and I earned our degrees from Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion.  I studied Children’s Ministry and Christian Education while John majored in Biblical Literature and Philosophy.  Upon graduation, we moved down to Noblesville in order to help start a church called Waterline.  After three years of being on staff there, we felt God’s calling toward something new.  That something – soon became apparent as we joined the team at Crossroads Church!

I have a passion for Children’s ministry because I believe that partnering with families is one of the most important things a church can do.  During these formative years in a child’s life, parents get thousands of hours every year to make a lasting impact on their kids. Most believers, when they make decisions for Christ, do so before the age of twelve.  As a Children’s Pastor, I get the opportunity to provide a safe and fun environment that fosters spiritual growth every week, and also am able to help empower parents to be spiritual leaders in their own homes.

That’s my story, but here’s a little bit about me.  I really enjoy playing sports of all kinds, especially soccer, but have had to put all that on hold recently because John and I are expecting!  This is our first and we are closing in on 12 weeks!  We are so excited and can’t wait to embark on this new journey.  While my hobbies have slightly shifted lately,  I can still do many things I love!  I can still sing, go to garage sales on the weekends, watch movies, and read, although most of my reading these days are baby-related. So now you know a little more about me, and I am excited to learn more about my new Crossroads community!

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How We Are Structured

Posted in Church Structure by PCraig on May 19, 2011

Because I had someone come to me recently asking how decisions are made at Crossroads it got me thinking that others might be interested to know the same.  To set this up, let me begin by saying that Crossroads is a staff-led church.  In other words, the day to day operations of the church along with setting the vision are handled by the pastoral staff. 

Here’s how things function:

  • Our Pastoral Staff meets weekly
  • Our Elders meet monthly (discuss ministry areas & ideas)
  • Our Trustees meet monthly (go over monthly statements)

I’ve already stated how the staff functions, here’s what the others do:

  • Elders assist in ministry areas of the church
  • Trustees assist in budgeting, finances, and asset management

In addition to these groups, there is a Pastoral Care Team that sets the Lead Pastor’s salary and provides further care, ministry and a sounding board to the pastor.  (I’m really nice to these guys) 

All of this is done, as it should be, in a team effort to provide unity and checks and balances to the church.  Since the beginning, we have strived to be a church above reproach in every way so that the enemy is not allowed a foothold.  I love every one of these folks who serve so unselfishly and faithfully on a regular basis.  God has especially blessed us with knowledgeable, skilled and trained business owners, lawyers, bank executives, former pastors and most of all people with a heart for God to help guide and guard His Church. 

The model that we use for our church government is the Bible.  I’ve found it is a much better model than all of the others that are out there.

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