Marriage Under Attack

Posted in Character, Marriage, Relationships by PCraig on May 26, 2011

The institute of marriage is under attack.  This assault is not only coming from radical groups against the institution of marriage and media that glamorizes infidelity, but also from within.  Unless someone guards their heart (as the Bible teaches), then any of us can fall prey to blowing up our homes. 

As we look around today we see people with lots of money (Gov. Schwarzenegger) who still can’t keep their marriage together.  If more money won’t solve your marriage woes, what will? 

Here’s a few tips that keep me on track:

  1. Be faithful to God 1st.  We can reflect God or Satan, who are you reflecting?
  2. Invest in the relationship you have.  If you want your marriage to flourish, you must invest in it.  This means investing quality time to laugh, dream & be together.
  3. Set boundaries.  This may sound archaic, but I think it’s common sense.  I won’t eat alone, travel or flirt with someone of the opposite sex.  Instead, I brag on my wife and try to be around her as much as I can.
  4. I am writing a story.  Every day I’m writing another page of the story of my life.  What story do I want my grandchildren to tell?  Do I want them to tell of a man who was faithful or one who messed up his legacy because of a dumb decision? 

 Reality is that you CAN have a thriving marriage in a culture like ours, but the choice is up to you. 

What other tips can you offer?  Or, what lessons have you learned from mistakes of the past?

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How We Are Structured

Posted in Church Structure by PCraig on May 19, 2011

Because I had someone come to me recently asking how decisions are made at Crossroads it got me thinking that others might be interested to know the same.  To set this up, let me begin by saying that Crossroads is a staff-led church.  In other words, the day to day operations of the church along with setting the vision are handled by the pastoral staff. 

Here’s how things function:

  • Our Pastoral Staff meets weekly
  • Our Elders meet monthly (discuss ministry areas & ideas)
  • Our Trustees meet monthly (go over monthly statements)

I’ve already stated how the staff functions, here’s what the others do:

  • Elders assist in ministry areas of the church
  • Trustees assist in budgeting, finances, and asset management

In addition to these groups, there is a Pastoral Care Team that sets the Lead Pastor’s salary and provides further care, ministry and a sounding board to the pastor.  (I’m really nice to these guys) 

All of this is done, as it should be, in a team effort to provide unity and checks and balances to the church.  Since the beginning, we have strived to be a church above reproach in every way so that the enemy is not allowed a foothold.  I love every one of these folks who serve so unselfishly and faithfully on a regular basis.  God has especially blessed us with knowledgeable, skilled and trained business owners, lawyers, bank executives, former pastors and most of all people with a heart for God to help guide and guard His Church. 

The model that we use for our church government is the Bible.  I’ve found it is a much better model than all of the others that are out there.

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Soar or Stir

Posted in Attitude, Choice, Excuses, Victorious Living by PCraig on May 12, 2011

We live in a culture that doesn’t want to accept the blame for anything but would like to take the credit for everything.  Psychology tells us that we wouldn’t make such poor choices if we had just had a better home life.  In other words, it’s not your fault that you beat your wife, drink too much and sleep with people other than your spouse – you’re a victim.  It makes me sick!  Where are the days of people owning their problems choosing to rise above them?  Lifting themselves up by their own bootstraps and making something of their life. 

You have a choice, either stir up dirt with the turkeys or soar with the eagles.  For every excuse you can give me, I can point to a person who had it worse and chose to rise above it. 

Instead of spending so much energy looking around for someone else to blame, why not focus on doing better, living better and being better?  It’s like the criminal that takes all their creative talent to try to cut corners only to eventually get caught.  If they had only taken all that work and creative energy in a positive direction – what might they have gained? 

Too many people try to play the victim card because it just looks to hard to own up to life and be a better person.  However, there are no shortcuts.  There’s no free ticket to the top.  No one has lasting success without paying the price of character development. 

You don’t have to do this.  You can choose to spend your life in the dirt with the turkeys, but I’m hoping you’ll choose to soar with the eagles.  What step could you take today to get off the ground?

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You Rock

Posted in Attitude, Holy Spirit by PCraig on May 5, 2011

Many of us don’t actually believe it, but it’s true – you rock!  You don’t rock at everything.  No one can do it all, but there’s something you can do that I can’t.  It may be writing, acts of kindness, listening to others, or delivering an act of generosity. 

The Bible explains that each of us have an ability given by God that is His gift to be used for His glory.  A tool that you can use to help you discover your gift is on our website: under online resources on the home page.  Just this week someone wrote me an email to let me know what an encouragement this was to them.  They said it actually brought them to tears as they saw how God had gifted them. 

Don’t believe the lie of the enemy that you are not gifted.  Instead, look at what you like to do, or take the online gift test I mentioned and then set out to make a difference. 

Releasing the gift God has given you will fill you with a sense of God’s pleasure.  You might find others saying, “You rock at that!”

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