Don’t Quit Now

Posted in Attitude, Victorious Living by PCraig on March 19, 2013

I don’t know about you but there are times when I’m just not at my best.  What robs me of confidence and creativity?  Here’s a few:

  • Fatigue.  When I’m tired, like right now as I type this at 11 p.m. J things just have a way at looking worse than they are.  It’s amazing how much better things look after a good nights sleep.
  • Failure.  When I’ve had setbacks then I’m more prone to want to quit, throw in the towel and give up.  The reality is that everyone fails.
  • Fear.  Ever notice we can imagine the worst?  Like when a policeman is coming up from behind with lights flashing?  Reality is that Jesus broke the bonds of death, so what do we have to be afraid of?

Easter is all about the power to start over.  Jesus performed the ultimate do-over when He rose from the dead.  If God can raise Jesus from the dead, then He can handle any problem I give Him.  There is no problem to big for our God.  He even specializes in hopeless cases.

What has God started in your life that you need to believe for today?  He isn’t planning on quitting on you, so don’t you quit on Him.

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Who Was St. Patrick?

Posted in Evangelism, holiday, Missions, witnessing by PCraig on March 14, 2013

This Sunday is St. Patricks day.  If you don’t know anything about this famous character, here’s a quick summary.

Yes, There Really Was a Saint Patrick (And He Wasn’t Even Irish :))

St. Patrick’s day is a celebration of clovers, green, and leprechauns.  But did you know there was a real guy named Patrick?

Saint Patrick wasn’t really Irish (he spoke Latin) and technically, he’s not even a saint.  But here’s more about this historical figure.

Patrick was born around 390 AD.  When he was 16 years old he was captured by pirates, taken to Ireland and sold into slavery.  He spent six years there taking care of sheep.  Though he came from a Christian family, he wasn’t overly religious.  But years in the wilderness gave him some time to pray.

In his 20s, Patrick walked 200 miles to a port city, where he took a ship and sailed for home.  He enrolled in seminary and became a pastor.  Years later, he returned to Ireland to preach and start churches.  The church had given up on the drunken, violent Celtic people, but Patrick saw himself as a missionary.

During his life, he trained more than 1,000 pastors and helped start 700 churches.  He took a public stand against slavery.  Some say he even used a 3-leaved shamrock to explain the Trinity.

Patrick is credited for bringing Christianity to Ireland.  He lived his life as a missionary pastor. You may have never been captured by pirates, and you might not think of yourself as a saint, but if you’re a Christian, you are a missionary in a foreign land, just like Patrick.

We get an opportunity this year to reach people for Christ on St. Patrick’s Day and just 2 weeks later for Easter!

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Posted in Excuses, Personal Growth, Purpose by PCraig on March 7, 2013

Most people want to make a bigger difference with their lives.  They want to know that their life matters, has meaning and purpose.

The problem is that many are waiting on some outside force in the universe to make it happen, when the real need is personal activation.

A person wants to get involved in ministry within the church, but they sit around waiting on someone to recruit him or her.   They possess a burden for a certain area, but after making a weak inquiry they sink back into their life as usual.  Some think that if God wants them to step out and do something then He will make it impossible for them to do anything else.

But what would happen if we took the next step?  If we believed that if it was meant to be, then it’s up to ME?  How would the world look if everyone stopped waiting on the perfect time and just started moving forward today?

The writer of Hebrews was frustrated by believers that were sitting around in their comfortable positions instead of growing in their faith.  In chapter five he challenges them to quit drinking milk like a baby and grow up in maturity.

Who’s responsible for your growth, your dream, your passion, and your ministry?  You are.  When we accept this it leads to a life of influence, purpose and no regrets.

What’s your next step to activate?   Take it today!

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