Christmas Light

Posted in Evangelism, holiday, witnessing by PCraig on November 29, 2012

I’m noticing more and more houses in my neighborhood getting Christmas lights outside.  My neighbor across the street was the first this year, by lighting up about a week before Thanksgiving.  I might have taken second place, but not sure.  Slowly, but surely, more and more homes are being adorned with various kinds of lights that are noticeable as I drive into the neighborhood.

Watching the spread of Christmas lights made me think of spreading the light of the Good News of Jesus.  Wouldn’t it be great to see home after home filled with the light of God?

Here’s where I think you and I can help spread some light this season:

  • Invite someone to Christmas services (Christmas Eve is a favorite of many)
  • Invite someone over for a holiday party to show God’s love
  • Take a plate of cookies or goodies to a neighbor
  • Sponsor a family’s Christmas through our Hope for the Holidays effort
  • Get some friends together and go caroling through your neighborhood one evening (pick the ones that sing good!)

Those are just a few suggestions that can help spread some of God’s light to those around us.  What are some things you would like to do or have done in the past?

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Choosing To Be Thankful

Posted in Attitude, Choice, holiday, Thankfulness by PCraig on November 21, 2012

I have always loved Thanksgiving.  When I was a kid, it was because of all the fun food and getting to play with other family members.  Nowadays, it’s still about the food, but I also enjoy the family conversations and football.

I’ve noticed something on Facebook this year, which I don’t remember in the past, and that’s people posting reasons to be thankful leading up to the holiday.  I happen to think this is a great exercise.  I’ve noticed people being thankful for family, finances and silly things like laughter (not that silly after all).

My biggest regret about Thanksgiving is that it only comes once a year.  At least the part about giving thanks (many of us could do without the extra calories).    What would happen if we made each day one of being thankful?  I bet each of us could think of 365 different things we have to be grateful for if we tried.  Things like oxygen, sunlight, birds, clean water, heat, air-conditioning, and a host of other things we sometimes take for granted.

What does it mean to be thankful?  How about starting with a life of generosity of my time, talent and treasure?  And, are you full of thanks even when things are tough?  Remember, just like any post you choose to put on Facebook, Twitter or whatever else, you can choose to be thankful every day, not just during the holiday.

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Possibility Thinking

Posted in Attitude, Faith, Hope, Mind, Victorious Living by PCraig on November 15, 2012

I remember growing up and watching Dr. Robert Schuller preach from the Crystal Cathedral.  For those  who knew him, Schuller was huge on possibility thinking.  Each week he would encourage his listeners that they could rise above their circumstances by focusing on the possibilities rather than the difficulties.  I know he had his critics, but I think most people could use a good dose of Schuller’s message.

How many people do you know that give into the power of negative thinking?  They can moan, groan, gripe and complain for endless hours.  No matter what your problem is, they have it worse.

What would happen if we began to practice possibility thinking?  Not that we can just think good thoughts and everything will be okay.  But, what if we stopped thinking of how bad we have it, what more could go wrong, and why isn’t God doing something about it?  Instead, we could spend the same amount of time thinking of how well off we really are (especially compared to most of the world), what could go right, and where is God currently trying to direct us if we would just pay attention?

People all around us are looking for hope.  What if you became a source of it?  Would there be a promotion in your future, better relationships, or greater influence?  I think so.  Take some time today to think of the possibilities.

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How To Avoid Depression

Posted in Attitude, Thankfulness, Victorious Living by PCraig on November 8, 2012

One of the best ways to get out of depression is to be grateful.  It’s difficult to feel sorry for yourself and down on life when you are expressing thanks for the life you have.  Try making a list of all the reasons you have to be thankful.

Things like:

Eyes to see so many wonderful sights

Ears to hear so many wonderful sounds

Tongues to taste incredible foods

Brains to think, create & imagine

A Savior who died for your sins (so you don’t have to bear them)

Grace that allows us to pray to our Heavenly Father (and be heard!)

These are just a few that probably most of us can have reason to be thankful.  Why not develop your own list?  What are some things you would have on yours?  See if you don’t feel better about yourself and life in general by doing so.

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Turning Losses Into Victories

Posted in Attitude, Character, Choice, Personal Growth, Victorious Living by PCraig on November 1, 2012

Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose.

There are days we win the account, the game, the job promotion, the position and sometimes we lose the very thing we want most.

Not only does winning matter. Losing matters. But in life what matters most is what we do with our losses. The wins are easier to deal with, right?

What happens when you lose?  Do we give up or come back stronger?

Do we allow the loss to act like a cancer that eats away at us for the rest of our life or do we turn it into a learning opportunity that leads to our healthy growth?

I certainly know what it feels like to lose.  I’ve lost many arguments with my wife! 🙂

When we lose we ask what we can learn from this loss and how we can improve because of it.  This helps us become overcomers.  Through more learning opportunities we can stay strong and develop our character.

Through this process of winning and losing we learn the greatest lesson of all and that is the building of our character.  (Read James 1:1-4)

Whether we win or lose today, when we realize this principle we will surely be a winner in life!

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