Tear Up That Bad Picture

I can remember reading a fitness article a long time ago saying you need to picture yourself getting stronger while in the gym.  Now, the key is you also have to work out while you’re there!  When I read it, I have to confess that I thought it was a bunch of junk, but now I’m not so sure.  Not because of just physical fitness, but because of a universal principle.

The way you see yourself pulls you toward that image as your future.   Those who see themselves as intelligent, move the direction of good grades and honor’s classes. People who think of themselves as movers and shakers tend to do a lot of moving and shaking.  It’s not the results first and the action later, but the thought or mindset first, then the results.

Those who see themselves as fat and hopelessly addicted to food, eat too much.  They sabotage their own future by picturing it in their minds.  “I always eat too much, or whatever they put on my plate, I’m gonna eat it!”  So, they do.

The Bible shares with us that God chose us and that this decision caused Him great delight, therefore, we are beautiful in God’s eyes.  When you start seeing yourself as the beautiful child of God that is worth dying for, guess what?  It starts impacting your decisions for the day, the places you go, the people you hang around.  You start acting and looking a lot more like God.

You are no longer a slave to fear, bad past, mistakes, habits, hurts, hang-ups, or anything else you can name.  You are a child of God.  Say it out loud, “I am a child of God.”  And, keep saying it and you’ll start to live that way and be renewed from the inside out.

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Invest In Your Core

You may not be into fitness, but experts say that you’ll be better off as you age by investing in your core.  What exactly is core training?  It is building up the muscles that support your spine and help with balance.  Two very important areas.  The idea is that you build up the entire area that supports the spine, so that the burden of supporting your body weight isn’t just placed on your bones.

Besides our physical bodies, what are some other core areas where we need to be paying attention?  Faith, family, our minds, spirits, soul, thoughts, finances, marriages, and ministries are some I thought about.

So, just like there are core exercises to strengthen your physical core, what are some things you can do for these other areas?  Read the Bible, meditate (on Scripture), pray, eat dinner as a family (without devices and only dialogue), listen to worship tunes, attend church regularly, work a plan for getting out of debt, establish a regular date night, discover, develop and deploy your spiritual giftedness, build margin in your life.

Hope this got you thinking about ways to invest in your core – in all areas.  Make it happen!

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Jesus With No Hands

Posted in Body, Involvement, Ministry, Used of God, Volunteerism by PCraig on August 8, 2013

I heard a story of a cathedral that was bombed out during World War II by German bombs.  It was a cathedral in England.  Later, German students actually went to serve there.  Part of what they did was put together this statue that had been blown up.  They were carefully piecing it back together.  It was a statue of Christ.  It had the inscription at the bottom “Come unto me.”  The Christ figure had his arms outstretched but they couldn’t get the hands to look right.  They finally made a decision.  They took the hands off and changed the inscription.  The new inscription said, “Christ has no hands but ours.”

Isn’t this true yet today?  The fact is that God uses our hands, our voice, our lives to bring Him to life in others.  This past weekend I challenged everyone to find their gifting, passion and use it for the glory of God.  Here were two key truths:  we are His body and we belong to each other.

So, how’s His body doing through you?  If the church only had you to rely on (and people like you), what kind of church would it be?  Weak, anemic, unengaged?  Or, mighty, strong, and connected?

Let’s be His hands today and everyday, because those are the ones He uses.

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God’s Temple

Posted in Body, Diet, Victorious Living by PCraig on October 4, 2010

Glad to be home from a conference and some time away this past week.  It’s good to get away though from the daily demands of ministry and life.  Thought I would share a little from one of the speakers I heard while I was away.  His name was Steve Reynolds and he has been called the “Anti-fat Pastor” by Fox News.  He wrote a book called “Bod 4 God” after losing over 100 pounds! 

After reading everything the Bible has to say about our bodies, here are four keys Steve shares: 1.  Honor God with you body  2. Manage your lifestyle habits  3.  Motivate yourself for change  4.  Build a circle of support.  By applying these principles, Steve has lost over 100 pounds and still going.  Because of his lifestyle change, Steve no longer takes all the medications that he was on before because of his obesity. 

Rachelle and I work at maintaining a healthy diet which feeds the temple of the Lord.  It’s not always easy, but we want to take care of God’s temple.  Some of us need to lose to live.  By being a loser, you can become a winner and gain a new lease on the life God made you to live!  How about you, are you taking care of God’s temple?

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