Don’t Worry – Be Happy!

Posted in Faith, Fear, Happiness, Worry by PCraig on April 26, 2012

I remember a song by musician Bobby McFerrin, released in September 1988, called “Don’t Worry Be Happy.”  It became the first a cappella song to reach number one on the Billboard chart and even won song of the year award at the 1989 Grammys.  I think one of the reasons for the popularity was the catchy tune, but the other was the positive message that it sent to a culture that is filled with worry.  We worry if we’ll have enough money, about our health, career, children, spouse, and the future.

In the midst of all this worry, Jesus comes along and gives his take on the topic in Matthew chapter six, where He says, “Don’t worry” (must be where Bobby got his lyrics!).  When we read these words of Jesus, our reaction might be, “Easy for you to say Jesus – after all you are the Son of God, but what about me?”  Well, keep in mind, Jesus wasn’t talking to Himself, He was speaking to you and me when He said this.

This past Sunday I dealt with this topic and listed three ways to break free from worry:

  • I will do what God asks me to do.  Start by thinking right thoughts & doing what is wise.  In other words, do what YOU can do first.  You can obey God and take control of your thoughts.
  • I will give God what I cannot do.  You can’t heal cancer – God can.  You can’t protect your children 24/7 – God has angels.  You can’t change people – God can orchestrate events to bring about change.  I can only do what God asks me to do, but I can give God what I cannot do.
  • No matter what happens, I will trust God.  If God answers like you want Him to – you trust Him.  If God doesn’t answer like you want – you trust Him.  If things don’t go according to your plan – you still trust Him & still praise Him.

I don’t know what you’re worried about today, but I know my Heavenly Father watches over me and you.  Just like the old gospel song, “His eye is on the sparrow and I KNOW He watches me.”  I refuse to be chained to worry, distrusting God and His promises.  I will not insult the God of the universe with unbelief, rather I will believe He is who He says He is, and I believe He will do what He says He will do.

What worries do you need to release to God?

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