Call Them Out

Posted in Faith, One Year Bible by PCraig on April 26, 2010

The Lord evidently takes great pleasure and enjoyment in calling people out.  Not calling out there specific sins and announcing them to those around.  He leaves that job up to the Pharisees (woman caught in adultery).  The message He enjoys delivering is that of calling people to a greater existence than what they are currently living. 

In today’s reading of the One Year Bible we find it once again the life of Gideon.  God’s people were so severely oppressed, that they had to hide their crops to keep the enemy from ruining them.  One day, Gideon was hiding in a winepress threshing wheat so the enemy would not see him.  While concealed, an angel of the Lord appears to him and calls out to him “you mighty warrior.”  I’m sure Gideon was thinking, “Who, me?  Are you kidding me?”  But, God was doing what He does best, seeing the potential of what can be hidden in what is. 

What if you spoke to the potential in others?  What would happen if we all did this?  What if everyone just did it for one day?  How much would the production levels rise in each business?  What would be the grades on the tests in school that day?  What kind of performance would be reached by musicians or athletes? 

Maybe you can’t control what everyone else will do, but give it a try in your own life.  Start acting like God by calling people out to the greatness God has intended for their lives.  Begin speaking over your spouse, children, and friends positive statements of faith that inspire them to be more than they might otherwise be.  You never know, like Gideon, they just might live up to it!

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