Bread of Life

Posted in Salvation by PCraig on April 24, 2010

I was asked to clarify the meaning behind Jesus saying I am the “Bread of Life.”  One of the questions is “what is the bread of life”?  Just like bread is sustenance for life, Jesus is our source of eternal life.  If Jesus is our source of eternal life, then He doesn’t need anything to be added to that. 

Some believe that you have to add baptism to belief in Christ in order to be fully saved, however, the thief on the cross was promised heaven because of his belief without an opportunity to get sprinkled or immersed.  The only verse that mentions belief and baptism is found in Mark 16:16, which is a passage that is not found in the earliest manuscripts. 

Other passages throughout the New Testament seem to indicate that once a person is saved by taking in the “bread of life”, then they follow that confession up with an outward sign of baptism.  Baptism is then the outward sign of the inward work of salvation, just like a wedding ring is of the covenant of marriage. 

We can’t earn salvation by getting baptized, tithing, witnessing, or anything else that WE do.  It is ALL of HIM, FROM HIM and DUE HIM that we are saved.  Salvation is by grace alone, it is not of works lest we should boast.  That’s why we sing “It’s all about You, Lord.”  As soon as we partake of His salvation (spiritual bread) we are saved!

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