The God of Restoration

Posted in Uncategorized by PCraig on March 10, 2010

We blow it!  Most of the time we don’t want to, wish it had turned out differently, think of the warnings others gave, but in the end, we fail.  No one finishes life with a perfect score.   The wonderful thing about this is that God already has factored that into account and has made a path of grace to forgive you.

This is powerfully illustrated in the life of Peter.  In today’s reading of the One Year Bible in Mark 14, Jesus informs His disciples of His looming death and that one of them will betray Him.  Peter boldly proclaimed that, “These other guys may bail on you, but not me!”  Jesus foretells of how Peter will actually deny Him three times. 

Later that same night, Peter did in fact, deny the Lord three times as He had said.  When it happened, Peter remembered Jesus’ words and was so ashamed of himself.  Have you ever done anything that led you to feel ashamed? 

The amazing thing to me is how Jesus already knew this would happen and planned for Peter’s redemption.  Not only did Jesus forgive Him and say, “No hard feelings”, but it was Peter He chose to use to preach the first sermon by the church on the day of Pentecost when 3000 were saved.  You see, the enemy has come to condemn you, but Jesus has come to forgive and restore you.  Even if you have denied Him three times in a row, He’s still willing to use your life in ways you could never imagine.  Awesome news, don’t you think?  What person could you encourage with this story today?

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