A Grateful Example

Posted in Attitude, Character, Thankfulness by PCraig on February 11, 2016

Like a billion, or whatever, other people, I watched the Super Bowl again this year.  This one had a little extra interest because of it possibly being Peyton Manning’s last game.  I just wish it had been with our Colts again.  In the after game interview, one of the things that struck me was the phrase “I’m grateful.”  Peyton mentioned that he was grateful for the opportunity, the team, and to in essence be in this position. It was a good example of a gratitude attitude.

Far too many people fail to recognize the power of gratitude.  Marriages, friendships, businesses, children, and parents suffer when ungratefulness exists.  Many don’t appreciate what they have until it is taken from them.

My grandma lived to be 93 years old and one of the consistent traits of her life was gratitude.  I would take her a simple card and gift, and she would say, “Oh, I thank ya, thank ya, thank ya” (she was from Kentucky).  This always made me feel special and that I had really blessed her.  But, it also allowed me to see the kind of attitude it takes to live that long with grace.  Thanks grandma for the example!

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