Be Daring

Posted in Attitude, Faith, Fear, Miracle, Opportunity by PCraig on March 12, 2015

Some people that others think are daring just take calculated risks.  The guy that climbs in a rocket to shoot across the Grand Canyon has already jumped smaller venues and has scientific assessment to virtually guarantee success.  Plus, he has a parachute if all his experts are wrong.  The woman who opens a bakery already has many people that have eaten her goods not only love them they are willing to pay for them.  She only needs to figure out how to do it on a much broader scale and enlist great help who believe with her.

Compare this to the majority of people that choose to play it safe, hold onto their cards, limit their risks, and plod along doing the same thing every day.  Who has the most fun?  Is it the person who stays safely on the shore or the one who cruises out to the horizon? Sure, there’s a risk of sinking, but it’s the only way to experience a view that is like no other.

In the Scripture, Jesus walked on water and Peter wanted to join him.  Once Jesus gave him permission to join in the adventure, Peter actually got out and walked toward Jesus.  Anyone familiar with the story knows that Peter eventually sank and had to be rescued.  Jesus looked at Peter and asked, “Why did you doubt?”  If Jesus is already walking on the water and he has invited you to join him, why should you doubt?  Yet, we do.

Why does doubt hold us back from experiencing the thrill of doing what everyone else says is impossible?  You can choose to play it safe and live life in the mundane world of cheap giving, low living, and fearful existence.  But, why would you choose that, when miracles are waiting to happen out on the water?

(Read Hebrews 11)

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