Learn To Encourage Yourself

Posted in Attitude, Encouragement, Excuses, Faith, Victorious Living by PCraig on March 5, 2015

Many people have learned the art of experiencing failure in advance.  If you are imagining a future, where you depict the worst possible outcomes, it’s no wonder you battle depression, have trouble staying positive, and feel discouraged.

I’ve discovered that there are those who seem to experience success in advance. They spend time visualizing the best possible outcomes before they happen, thinking of all the good that might occur.

In Jude 20 the Bible talks about “building yourselves up” in faith.  Instead of picturing the worst that could happen, you make a conscious effort to push yourself toward a desired outcome.

One reason this is difficult is that we’ve got a false humility that pushes us to avoid it.  Some think that others will take us as bragging.  The other is that some have found it more comfortable to complain about their circumstances, why the entire world is against them and if it weren’t for the hand they’ve been dealt, they would have made something great happen.

If you expect negative results, it’s a lot easier to slack and be lazy. That doesn’t make sense to those who strive to live as overcomers. But therein lies the difference between those who have learned to encourage themselves.

Don’t wait on someone else to pick you up. Go ahead, pick yourself up, build yourself up in faith and encourage yourself in the Lord.

See also: 1 Samuel 30:6

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