What Qualifies As Worship Today?

Posted in Worship by PCraig on May 30, 2013

Is the beating of drums, whining of guitars, and synthesizers really worship?  What happened to pipe organs and robed choirs?  Can you worship without singing a hymn from a hymnal?

If there’s anything that gets people wired up these days – it’s what many refer to as worship.  But, are we really talking about true worship or is it more about personal styles?

Let’s first look for a biblical definition of worship.   This gets a little complicated because the word worship is mentioned in over 200 passages of the New King James Version of the Bible.  It covers everything from bowing down, bowing heads, gladness, drawing near, standing, serving, falling on your face, making sacrifice, and many other references.  Because of the breadth of position, we can assume that there is more than one way to worship.  In other words, it seems possible to stand, sit or lay and worship God.

If this is the case in position, then it might be the same in song choice as well.  Next time we’ll look into that and see what we can learn.  Stay tuned.

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